Manage your duplicated code Qamine analyzes your commits, warns when you forget to change certain duplicated code regions. Sign in using your Github account, for free.
You write
You write and push new code to your Github repository.

Need a Github account?
We analyze
Qamine starts analyzing the new code and tries to find other similar blocks of code that remained unchanged.
You change
You get notified whenever Qamine finds inconsistencies.
You can also manage and track your reports online.
It's almost like cheating 30 seconds to set up, no installation, no credit cards required.
Github integration Qamine integrates with the most popular social coding platform.
Sign in using your Github account and select which repositories you want to analyze in the dashboard. That's it.
Per push analysis Qamine never rests. Per push analysis means inconsistent code won't slip through your fingers again. Get analysis results and make changes on the fly.
Your language Qamine supports C, C++, C#, Java, PHP, Ruby and Javascript.
The Dashboard Access Qamine reports online. Manage your analysis preferences.

You have the deck The Dashboard is your portal
into the Qamine platform.
This is where we hand you the command of the tool.
Help us make it better:

Suggest a feature.
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Unlimited results
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